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  • Miry Bike Pro Map Holder 11WR

    Miry Bike Pro Map Holder 11WR

    SKU: 11 WR - 31.8mm

    The frame is made from light aluminum alloys. The mapholder is attached to the bars by special collars, which are delivered as a part of the whole mapholder. Mapholders are compatible with all...

    77.00 €

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  • Miry Board

    Miry Board

    SKU: MIRY 11WR/12WR/14WR

    The board is made from tough plastics, which do no become tender even at very high temperatures. The plastic foil is attached to the board by special, easily attachable EASY PRESS patents.
    Model WR...

    22.00 €

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  • Miry frame

    Miry frame

    SKU: MIRY BIKE PRO 25,4/31,8mm

    The frame is made from light aluminum alloys.

    Avaible in 2 measures:



    59.00 €

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  • Miry Jo-Jo Pro

    Miry Jo-Jo Pro


    Universal SI-card holder fitted with back-spinning mechanism. JOJO PRO is newly equipped by metal ring which prevent getting stuck of the string while heaved in.

    3.00 €

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  • Miry Replacement Screw mapholder

    Miry Replacement Screw mapholder


    Central screw of the Miry Bike Pro mapholder. Valid for all the Miry Bike Pro models.

    2.50 €

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  • Miry Tool Free Screw

    Miry Tool Free Screw


    Optional screws which enable mounting of any MIRY BIKE PRO mapholder to the handlebars free of tools.

    6.00 €

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