Go outside and get your bearings!

Tienda de Orientación opens its virtual store dedicated to the sale of sports equipment for orienteering, such as suits, shoes, gaiters, compasses, control description supports, etc. It also sells other materials for the practice of Outdoor, such as binoculars, pedometers, curvimeters, headlamps, knives, multitools, etc.. Tienda de Orientación offers the advantage of buying material from home, with the speed of service that this entails.

The company started its activity in 1991 with the aim of supplying orienteering sport practitioners with the necessary equipment, since being a minority sport, it was difficult to find it in the normal channels (sport stores).

Why choose us?

  • Because we are orienteers and we are passionate about this sport. We have been practicing orienteering for more than 30 years at regional, national and international level.
  • Because we can advise you technically about the products and what is best for you, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional. We select our products carefully, test them and accept or discard them.
  • Because thousands of customers endorse us and attest to the way we work. We are a serious and formal company.
  • Because we have cheap and fast shipping. We take care to send the order as soon as possible so that you have it the next day. 95% of our orders leave our warehouse the same day of the order. We have permanent stock. We are also looking for transport agencies with an optimal quality-price ratio.
  • Because we have an unbeatable after-sales policy. We believe in what we sell and we guarantee it beyond the legal warranty of the product.
  • Because we are environmentally friendly. We love nature and the environment and we are concerned about its conservation. We use recycled paper or cardboard for our packages and office supplies.