VJ Shoes Bold Bloom

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Specially designed for women, Bold Bloom is based on the orienteering race shoe Bold X designed in co-operation with the multiple World Champion Olav Lundanes. It means that besides the nice colour it has all the top-notch features and is a true pink beast of the forest. The Soft Heel technology reduces pressure to the heel bone and Achilles tendon and makes the heel fit like a glove. The toes are left with a bit of extra space to spread which improves the runner’s balance. The Superior Contact outsole is designed to maximize the grip in all terrain types. The star-shaped carbon steel studs offer superior grip to the traditional round studs. Made from nylon, the upper of the Bold Bloom is light, durable, and provides a great fit. A specially designed sleeker FitLock system ensures a perfect fit providing confidence in challenging terrain.

Innovative system designed to improve the fit of the shoe, making it feel like part of your body. Integrated with the lacing, the Fitlock system tightens the shoe on the inside and under the arch of your foot.