Silva Trail Run

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First compass ever developed for trail running

Compasses are our heritage and SILVA compasses have since long been the first-hand choice among elite orienteers and navigators around the world. We have taken this one step further and developed the first compass dedicated to trail runners.

During trail running, there are times when a compass is necessary, and some events also demand the use of a compass. Then the SILVA Trail Run compass comes in handy. It is, as the name points out, optimized for Trail Running due to its small size and lightweight design. The back of the baseplate has beveled corners to make it fit great in the hand and also to minimize the weight. It comes with a separate “scale and stencil hole” plastic card, and the adjustable wrist lanyard holds the compass tightly in place during your run.

No unnecessary details. Just focus on the trail ahead of you.


- Scales: (Scale Card;1:25k, 1:50k), mm

- Weight: 31g

- Magnetic Equator, Magnetic South, Magnetic North
- Scale card    

- Dimensions: 55x80x10 mm

- Wrist strap: Comfortable and adjustable