Silva Nor Spectra

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The baseplate also features a new design which contributes to better contact between thumb and map, and with thicker baseplate material it withstands the toughest conditions.

NOR is your compass if you’re looking for an elite thumb compass without fuss - lots of transparency to increase the map visibility and all the high-end qualities that you may need.

NOR Spectra is exactly this plus the Spectra system.

If you prefer a turnable capsule you should go for the brand newNOR 360. The 360 version is entirely new to the assortment by the way! The SILVA NOR series are perfect for the orienteer, the adventure race athlete or whoever is in need of a compass with outstanding quality, needle settling time and stability during running.

Accuracy›± 1°

Needle›Nor Needle

Rubber friction feet›Yes

Size›73 x 88 x 11 mm

Spectra System›Yes