Silva Ex 10 Distance

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The Silva ex10 Distance pedometer counts steps and measures distance. It’s based on Accumotion, a new type of sensor which improves step counting. This sensor can be tilted up to an angle of 45°, making step counting accurate when used on any shape of body. Silva ex10 Distance is carried around the neck, and has an integrated neck strap with safety release. The pedometer is water resistant, and has easy access buttons on the sides for setting functions. When the pedometer is not in use the display goes into sleep mode to save battery power.

45° Accumotion›Tilt accuracy for all body types; wear around the neck.

Attachment›Lanyard with safety release

Batteries/type›2x LR44

Discharge time›6 months

Distance count›Yes

Sleep mode›Save batteries and the environment; the pedometer wakes up by moving it or by pushing any button.

Step count›Yes

Water resistance›IPX4 - Splash proof