Silva ARC Jet CS

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The high-performance Arc Jet thumb compasses are perfect for the orienteer, adventure race athlete, and you who needs a fast, stable needle and clear map visibility for quick navigation while running.

The Silva Jet 2.0 needle provides world class performance in needle speed and settling time, and it offers outstanding reliability and stability. 

The thumb baseplate has a cut-out to provide perfect contact between thumb and map, while the innovative Arc wing design gives extra support and stability. The baseplate and the capsule are made of highly durable material to withstand tough handling and the material and design provides even more transparency than its predecessor – thus increasing map visibility. 

The improved thumb band is easy to adjust and makes the compass fit comfortably on your hand.

The SILVA thumb compasses come as either left or right version. The left version is placed on your left hand, which is the most used. Choose compass based on your personal preferences.

Arc Jet is the compass-series if you are looking for the most advanced and high performing thumb compasses there is on the market. Arc Jet has a clean and fixed capsule without fuss, Arc Jet S has the Spectra system on the capsule, and if you prefer a rotatable capsule, you should go for the Arc Jet 360. Since compass preferences are very individual, the Arc Jet series also include two compact models with the same capsule as the originals, but with smaller thumb plates – Arc Jet C and Arc Jet CS (Spectra). The Arc Jet OMC is attached to the wrist. Choose the one that suits your needs and preferences."

The C model is more compact and smaller, although the limbo maintains the same size and quality as the ARC series.