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Sport Ident 10:

SI-Card10 belongs to the third generation of SI-Cards. SI-Cards10 register the data record in 60 ms. This is twice as fast as SI-Card8/9. All full set of card owners personal data can be stored in the chip.

The high punching speed and the large memory size, able to store up to 128 intermediate times, make the SI-Card10 the perfect choice for the ambitious runner.

SI-Card10 comes in sundry-coloured tips and a transparent body.

 Model type Finger stick
 Number range 7 000 001 ... 7 999 999
 Typical application Orienteering, adventure and outdoor sports
 Data exchange time 60 ms
 Clear time < 0.5 s
 Intermediate times 128
 Special records CLEAR, CHECK, START, FINISH
 Time format 24h-format, day of week, counter for up 4 weeks
 SI-System compatibility, Firmware stations SI-Stations BSF7/8, firmware V5.74 and higher
 Operating range -20°C ... +50°C
 Protection class IP 67 (DIN EN 60529)
– Protection against penetration of dust
– Protection against the ingress of water during short-term immersion
 Warranty 5 years
 Weight 8 g
 Dimensions 71 mm x 19 mm x 8 mm
 Colours Transparent body, five colors for tip with logo
 Customer services Online reservation service
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