Miry Bike Pro Map Holder 12WR

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The frame is made from light aluminum alloys. The mapholder is attached to the bars by special collars, which are delivered as a part of the whole mapholder. Mapholders are compatible with all standard handlebars of 25,4mm or 31,8 mm diameter (measured in the proximity of the stem). The mapholder with adjustable slant is fixed with the board in the height of approx. 12 cm above the handlebars which makes map reading much easier. The two-level system enables adjusting of the distance between the mapholder and a biker.
Rotating board of the mapholder is made from tough plastics, which do not become tender even at very high temperatures. The plastic foil is attached to the board by special, easily attachable EASY PRESS patents. Rotating stiffness is infinitely adjustable.

*Board dimensions: 30 x 30 cms// 12 x 12 inches

*Frame avaible in 2 measures: