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  • Siven Stocking

    Siven Stocking


    Comfortable and tight-fitted socks, specially designed for orienteering. Made from a wear resistant and elastic material for extra protection and excellent body fit. The stitching at the top of the...

    11.00 €

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  • Topen Stocking

    Topen Stocking

    SKU: 55550

    Great O-socks for orienteering.

    Avaible different sizes and colours.

    13.00 €

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  • Trimtex Basic Stocking

    Trimtex Basic Stocking

    SKU: 410800

    Durable o-socks which can withstand the toughest sporting activities. These enduring orienteering socks have a dual front and are produced in a functional, strong and durable fabric. They give you a...

    16.00 €

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  • Inov Stocking Compression

    Inov Stocking Compression

    SKU: 5302-90

    A close-fitting compression sock with striped design and increased breathability around the foot.

    17.00 €

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  • Trimte Extreme Stocking

    Trimte Extreme Stocking

    SKU: 450512416-08

    The Extreme o-socks are durable orienteering socks that can withstand rough treatment in woods and fields. The socks are woven with a double front and are made in a functional, strong and durable...

    18.00 €

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  • Noname Stocking

    Noname Stocking

    SKU: 2000906010/ 2000906P162

    Long and durable socks for orienteering. Seamless toe and heel areas for reduced chafing. Strategically ribbed sections prevent the socks from sliding down during running offering increased comfort...

    20.00 €

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  • Noname Compression Calves

    Noname Compression Calves

    SKU: 20009620001

    Graduated compression calves with a compression profile that offers 23Hg/mm at the ankle and 20Hg/mm at the top of the calf. Reduces muscle oscillations and muscle damage caused by repetitious...

    19.00 €

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  • Noname training socks 2 pack

    Noname training socks 2 pack

    SKU: 2000884

    Anatomically designed training socks with quick drying and fast wicking Dri-Release® yarn, seamless toes and ankle section with mesh for perfect fit and comfort. Sold in 2-packs incl. one pair of...

    16.00 €

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  • Roly socks

    Roly socks


    Short sock 80% cotton / 15% Spandex / 5% Elastane, with ankle adjuster, tanspirable and comfortable, good quality

    3.00 €

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