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  • Silva Explore 3x

    Silva Explore 3x

    SKU: 37723

    Explore 3X is a lightweight, fully waterproof headlamp and a perfect companion during outdoor activities on land as well as water. It’s got three different coloured led lights and runs on a USB...

    72.00 €

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  • Silva Ninox 3

    Silva Ninox 3

    SKU: 37732

    The Ninox 3 Headlamp is a great multi-purpose head torch utilising Silva Intelligent Lighting Technology that provides a wide beam up close and a long reach spot light for visibility up to 75 metres....

    Old Price: 50.00 € Offer Price: 35.00 €

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  • Silva Trail Runner 4

    Silva Trail Runner 4

    SKU: 37722

    Do you like running? Don’t let darkness stop you. With a comfortable fit and generous burn time, Trail Runner 4 is designed for dedicated runners. It’s easy to use and it’ll light up your trail...

    69.00 €

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  • Silva Cross Trail 5

    Silva Cross Trail 5

    SKU: 37691

    A lightweight and comfortable headlamp with generous burn time, multi attachment options and an easy-to-use, AA battery pack. Perfect for cross-country skiing, running, biking and the Days when you...

    90.00 €

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  • Silva Cross Trail 5x

    Silva Cross Trail 5x

    SKU: 37690

    The most lightweight headlamp in our Cross trail 5 series. It’s a versatile, USB charged headlamp, with generous burn time and multi attachment options. Easy to use and easy to bring along, wherever...

    108.00 €

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  • Silva Trail Runner II USB

    Silva Trail Runner II USB

    SKU: 37401-2

    The Trail Runner II USB by SILVA is a lightweight choice for running and lets you exercise anywhere and at any time.

    The ergonomic headband is extra wide and anti-slip treated, for a comfortable fit on...

    Old Price: 80.00 € Offer Price: 60.00 €

  • Silva Tipi

    Silva Tipi

    SKU: 37314-2

    Whether you are going camping or just need an extra light source for any day-to-day requirements, the Tipi headlamp is the perfect choice. Its compact size makes it so easy to always have with you....

    Old Price: 15.00 € Offer Price: 9.00 €

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  • Silva Velo

    Silva Velo

    SKU: 37246

    A perfect product for the advanced commuter, Vélo helps expand your sport cycling experience beyond just sunny summer weather. Following our “see and be seen” philosophy, this tough sport bikelight...

    Old Price: 62.00 € Offer Price: 29.00 €

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  • Silva Simi (White and red light)

    Silva Simi (White and red light)

    SKU: 37304

    On a bike you want to “see and be seen,” and that’s what Simi, part of Silva’s brand new Bike Series, is all about. This stylish high-output safety light is easy to mount and dismount on frame or...

    Old Price: 9.00 € Offer Price: 5.00 €

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  • Silva Tyto

    Silva Tyto

    SKU: 37301

    When a sport or activity calls for a safety light, the Tyto Red lamp is the perfect solution. Extremely compact and waterproof, this light can be attached to headbands, jackets, bikes, backpacks and...

    Old Price: 9.00 € Offer Price: 5.00 €

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