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  • Silva Simi (White and red light)

    Silva Simi (White and red light)

    SKU: 37304

    On a bike you want to “see and be seen,” and that’s what Simi, part of Silva’s brand new Bike Series, is all about. This stylish high-output safety light is easy to mount and dismount on frame or...

    9.00 €

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  • Silva Tyto

    Silva Tyto

    SKU: 37301

    When a sport or activity calls for a safety light, the Tyto Red lamp is the perfect solution. Extremely compact and waterproof, this light can be attached to headbands, jackets, bikes, backpacks and...

    9.00 €

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  • Silva Velo

    Silva Velo

    SKU: 37246

    A perfect product for the advanced commuter, Vélo helps expand your sport cycling experience beyond just sunny summer weather. Following our “see and be seen” philosophy, this tough sport bikelight...

    Old Price: 62.00 € Offer Price: 30.00 €

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  • Silva LX

    Silva LX

    SKU: 57080

    The top model in Silva’s LED headlamp range, with an impressive beam length of 75 metres, thanks to a 5-watt LED. Four light modes. The rechargeable battery can be attached to a belt, or put in a...

    Old Price: 145.00 € Offer Price: 87.00 €

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  • Silva 478

    Silva 478

    SKU: 57058-20

    • A full size (90 mm diam. reflector) halogen headlamp powered with a 10 and 20W halogen bulb.
    • Extremely light-weight construction with a neoprene headband for a perfect fit.
    • Can easily be mounted on a...

    Old Price: 115.00 € Offer Price: 95.45 €

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  • Silva 480

    Silva 480

    SKU: 57060-20

    300 lumens
    120 meter beam
    20 watt power

    2 lamps

    9.0 Ah battery 6A/9AH (You need a new one for replacement)

    NiMH battery type
    Up to 5 hours and 20 minutes usage

    190 gram
    Adjustable headband

    Old Price: 115.00 € Offer Price: 86.25 €

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