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  • Silva Empty Biefcase

    Silva Empty Biefcase

    SKU: 37163

    Silva empty briefcase for compasses or stopwatch

    32.00 €

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  • Topen Focus

    Topen Focus


    TOPEN FOCUS, for all compasses with hole: TOPEN, MOSCOW and FOREST.

    11.00 €

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  • Topen Focus Pro

    Topen Focus Pro


    TOPEN FOCUS PRO, compatible with all thumb compasses.

    It can be put on and removed quickly. You will not have problems to keep it together with the compass in a case.

    * Available, both left and right...

    34.00 €

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  • Silva Pocket

    Silva Pocket

    SKU: 37617

    A small curvy compass with thermometer and cardinal directions. With its small size and precise needle, this is the perfect compass to to bring along your hike.

    Not for advanced navigation, but a great...

    14.00 €

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  • Vapro Elastic Band Colours

    Vapro Elastic Band Colours

    SKU: 30230

    It is an accessory for your Sport Ident card or your compass. Comfortable and safe.

    2.50 €

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  • Silva Compass Case

    Silva Compass Case

    SKU: 36993-1

    A compass case to protect compass and s.i.

    10.00 €

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  • Vapro Elastic Band

    Vapro Elastic Band

    SKU: 30154

    It is an accessory for your Sport Ident card or your compass. Comfortable and safe.

    2.00 €

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  • Race Zoom

    Race Zoom

    SKU: 37909

    Due to its functional design it becomes well integrated with the compass. With the Silva Race Zoom you won’t miss the details on the map, thus increasing your chances of a great performance. The model...

    45.00 €

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  • Str8 Magnifier

    Str8 Magnifier

    SKU: 5001040

    The next generation Str8 Magnifier is the most innovative magnifier ever made for Orienteering.

    The Str8 M will change the way you look at magnified map reading. Manufactured with the very best...

    70.00 €

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  • Moscow Lens

    Moscow Lens

    SKU: 00

    Lens for plate L, R, XL, XR



    18.00 €

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  • Orientsport Lens

    Orientsport Lens


    Dual use:
    - Directly on the thumb with the scratch
    - On a thumb compass with its support

    16.00 €

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  • Orientsport Forest+lens

    Orientsport Forest+lens


    Ergonomic thumb compass for beginners as well as Orientation + Focus Magnifier detachable.

    360 ° rotating capsule providing a very high stability and a very fast return of the needle during the race....

    46.00 €

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