Silva Tipi

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Sometimes you need a headlamp and sometimes you need a torch. Now the new Tipi headlamp gives you both.

Whether you are going camping or just need an extra light source for any day-to-day requirements, the Tipi headlamp is the perfect choice. Its compact size makes it so easy to always have with you. Its flexible design – you can remove the lamp body from the head bracket – makes it possible to use as a torch. Use Tipi when taking an evening stroll in the dark, to light up your tent when out camping or as an ‘back-up’ light source in your car or on your boat.


Attachment›Headband, Handheld

Batteries/type›3x AAA

Beam pattern›Medium angle

Bulb type›3x 5mm LED

Discharge time (max mode)›40h

Discharge time (min mode)›80h

Light distance›25m

Light modes›Max, Min, Blink

Light output›20 Lumen

Water resistance›IPX4 - Splash proof

Weight (incl. batteries)›82g

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