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  • Vj Integrator15

    Vj Integrator15


    Even if you’re the best you have to improve yourself. The new Integrator has even better grip with 18 starstuds than before. Upper material is stronger than ever and the shoe provides better cover...

    Old Price: 132.00 € Offer Price: 119.00 €

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  • Silva 66 OMC Spectra

    Silva 66 OMC Spectra

    SKU: 36349-1901

    Silva 66 OMC Spectra is the favorite compass to orienteers who prioritize map reading before exact bearing. It is attached to the wrist an elastic band leaving both hands free to use- higly...

    Old Price: 80.00 € Offer Price: 64.00 €

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  • Silva C58

    Silva C58

    SKU: 35730-0651

    Steering compass that can be mounted on almost any vehicle or boat. Built in declination compensation up to ± 40 degrees. Equipped with lighting.

    Old Price: 70.00 € Offer Price: 59.00 €

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  • Inov8 Oroc 280

    Inov8 Oroc 280

    SKU: INOV-8 OROC-280

    The racing version of the oroc™ range has been stripped down to 280g. Originally designed for orienteering, the 280 is also gaining a huge following in obstacle course racing. inov-8's new outsole...

    Old Price: 140.00 € Offer Price: 120.00 €

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  • Silva 58 Kayak

    Silva 58 Kayak

    SKU: 36528-0601

    A small, light compass with attachments suitable for a kayak. Rubber straps with clips that attach to the deck lines on the kayak, making it easy to read the compass without letting go of the paddle.

    Old Price: 70.00 € Offer Price: 59.00 €

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  • Silva Wrist Begin

    Silva Wrist Begin

    SKU: 39036


    Small in size, thus designed for a child’s hand. The wrist band safely...

    Old Price: 20.00 € Offer Price: 16.00 €

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  • Race Zoom

    Race Zoom

    SKU: 39006

    Due to its functional design it becomes well integrated with the compass. With the Silva Race Zoom you won’t miss the details on the map, thus increasing your chances of a great performance. The model...

    Old Price: 55.00 € Offer Price: 45.00 €

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  • Silva 70 Un Universal

    Silva 70 Un Universal

    SKU: 35014-9011

    The design allows for many mounting alternatives. It can be installed in any inclination or position with a bracket that allows for fast and easy removals. It is also easy to remove for security...

    Old Price: 100.00 € Offer Price: 85.00 €

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  • Inov8 Mudclaw 300 (2015)

    Inov8 Mudclaw 300 (2015)

    SKU: INOV-8 MUDCLAW 300 (2015)

    The legendary all-terrain animal has undergone a makeover for SS15. Now boasting the same flatter heel unit as the mudclaw™ 265, but still maintaining its 6mm drop, the mudclaw™ 300 also has an...

    Old Price: 105.00 € Offer Price: 89.00 €

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  • Silva 478

    Silva 478

    SKU: 57058-20

    • A full size (90 mm diam. reflector) halogen headlamp powered with a 10 and 20W halogen bulb.
    • Extremely light-weight construction with a neoprene headband for a perfect fit.
    • Can easily be mounted on a...

    Old Price: 115.00 € Offer Price: 95.45 €

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  • Silva 480

    Silva 480

    SKU: 57060-20

    300 lumens
    120 meter beam
    20 watt power

    2 lamps

    9.0 Ah battery 6A/9AH (You need a new one for replacement)

    NiMH battery type
    Up to 5 hours and 20 minutes usage

    190 gram
    Adjustable headband

    Old Price: 115.00 € Offer Price: 86.25 €

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  • Silva Carry Case L

    Silva Carry Case L

    SKU: 39011

    Carry your valuable belongings with you on your outdoor activities in the SILVA Carry Dry Cases. These waterproof cases withstand water, snow, sand and dust.

    Silva Carry Dry Cases come in three...

    Old Price: 29.95 € Offer Price: 24.95 €

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  • Inov8 X-talon 212 (2015 men)

    Inov8 X-talon 212 (2015 men)


    A flexible, lightweight racing shoe that delivers unrivalled grip over soft or off trail terrain and is super-fast on dry trails too. The number one choice for elite athletes wanting to run fast...

    Old Price: 105.00 € Offer Price: 84.00 €

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  • Silva Ex ped go

    Silva Ex ped go

    SKU: 56062

    Silva Ex-Ped Go Ii Wrist Worn Pedometer. A wrist worn pedometer with a watch function that you can wear every day. You activate the pedometer function by simply pressing the orange button. Excellent...

    Old Price: 49.00 € Offer Price: 33.32 €

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  • Silva Pole Mate

    Silva Pole Mate

    SKU: 56060

    For dedicated Nordic walking enthusiasts, the Pole Mate Pedometer from Silva Pole is a step in the right direction...with a large, two-row display and easy, single-button use.Features:Pedometer...

    Old Price: 26.00 € Offer Price: 18.20 €

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