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  • Silva Race 360 Jet

    Silva Race 360 Jet

    SKU: 39005-39007

    The needle has a new design with more transparency which increases the map visibility. The baseplate also features a new design which contributes to better contact between thumb and map, and with...

    Old Price: 80.00 € Offer Price: 65.00 €

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  • Silva Alarm

    Silva Alarm

    SKU: 56015

    • A reliable partner for walking or jogging. Pedometer with coloured panel and lots of functions to help you keep track of your fitness and the progress. Also equipped with a panic alarm.
    • Pedometer
    • Distance...

    Old Price: 42.00 € Offer Price: 31.50 €

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  • Silva Race Plate Zoom

    Silva Race Plate Zoom

    SKU: 37487

    Compasses are our heritage and SILVA compasses have long been the first choice among elite orienteers around the world. The SILVA Race Plate series is a successor to our faithful Companion 1S-360 Jet...

    72.00 €

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  • Silva 15TDCL Level

    Silva 15TDCL Level

    SKU: 36816-9511

    The classic mirror sighting compass from Silva that is used by demanding navigators/professional users world-wide is in this version equipped with a bubble level in order to ensure the compass is held...

    72.00 €

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  • Silva 66 OMC Spectra

    Silva 66 OMC Spectra

    SKU: 36349-1901

    Silva 66 OMC Spectra is the favorite compass to orienteers who prioritize map reading before exact bearing. It is attached to the wrist an elastic band leaving both hands free to use- higly...

    Old Price: 80.00 € Offer Price: 64.00 €

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  • Silva C58

    Silva C58

    SKU: 35730-0651

    Steering compass that can be mounted on almost any vehicle or boat. Built in declination compensation up to ± 40 degrees. Equipped with lighting.

    Old Price: 70.00 € Offer Price: 59.00 €

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  • Silva 58 Kayak

    Silva 58 Kayak

    SKU: 36528-0601

    A small, light compass with attachments suitable for a kayak. Rubber straps with clips that attach to the deck lines on the kayak, making it easy to read the compass without letting go of the paddle.

    Old Price: 70.00 € Offer Price: 59.00 €

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  • Silva Wrist Begin

    Silva Wrist Begin

    SKU: 39036


    Small in size, thus designed for a child’s hand. The wrist band safely...

    Old Price: 20.00 € Offer Price: 16.00 €

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  • Race Zoom

    Race Zoom

    SKU: 39006

    Due to its functional design it becomes well integrated with the compass. With the Silva Race Zoom you won’t miss the details on the map, thus increasing your chances of a great performance. The model...

    Old Price: 55.00 € Offer Price: 45.00 €

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  • Silva 70 Un Universal

    Silva 70 Un Universal

    SKU: 35014-9011

    The design allows for many mounting alternatives. It can be installed in any inclination or position with a bracket that allows for fast and easy removals. It is also easy to remove for security...

    Old Price: 100.00 € Offer Price: 85.00 €

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  • Silva Carry Case L

    Silva Carry Case L

    SKU: 39011

    Carry your valuable belongings with you on your outdoor activities in the SILVA Carry Dry Cases. These waterproof cases withstand water, snow, sand and dust.

    Silva Carry Dry Cases come in three...

    Old Price: 29.95 € Offer Price: 24.95 €

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  • Set Orienteering Silva Field 1-2-3

    Set Orienteering Silva Field 1-2-3

    SKU: 37163-55000

    Biefcase with 10 compass Field 1-2-3 Silva, 10 Punches Silva & 10 Markers 15x15 Silva.

    Include 20 control cards.

    Perfect for School and O-Club

    229.00 €

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  • Silva reflective mini marker

    Silva reflective mini marker

    SKU: 55000-051

    Silva 6X6 cm O-markers are very cute. Perfect for your car, bag, ...

    With reflective print.

    5.00 €

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  • Set Orienteering Silva Field

    Set Orienteering Silva Field

    SKU: 37163-55000-0

    Biefcase with 10 compass Field Silva, 10 Punches Silva & 10 Markers 15x15 Silva.

    Include 20 control cards.

    Perfect for School and O-Club

    300.00 €

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  • Silva Carry Dry Bag 30D 6L

    Silva Carry Dry Bag 30D 6L

    SKU: 39012

    Don’t let water, snow, sand or dust stop you from bringing your belongings on your outdoor activities.

    The Silva Carry Dry bag series comes in 3 different versions and four different sizes: 6, 12, 24,...

    15.95 €

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