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  • Silva Ex ped go

    Silva Ex ped go

    SKU: 56062

    Silva Ex-Ped Go Ii Wrist Worn Pedometer. A wrist worn pedometer with a watch function that you can wear every day. You activate the pedometer function by simply pressing the orange button. Excellent...

    Old Price: 49.00 € Offer Price: 33.32 €

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  • Silva Pole Mate

    Silva Pole Mate

    SKU: 56060

    For dedicated Nordic walking enthusiasts, the Pole Mate Pedometer from Silva Pole is a step in the right direction...with a large, two-row display and easy, single-button use.Features:Pedometer...

    Old Price: 26.00 € Offer Price: 18.20 €

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  • Silva Pole Mate II

    Silva Pole Mate II

    SKU: 56061

    The same appearance as Silva Pole Mate I; but with more functions.
    The total memory and training history allow you to keep a better eye on your training.
    The Polemate II attaches to your current pole.

    Old Price: 35.00 € Offer Price: 24.50 €

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