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  • Silva Tipi

    Silva Tipi

    SKU: 37314

    Sometimes you need a headlamp and sometimes you need a torch. Now the new Tipi headlamp gives you both.

    Whether you are going camping or just need an extra light source for any day-to-day requirements,...

    21.95 €

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  • Silva Jogger

    Silva Jogger

    SKU: 37312

    For strong illumination when street lighting just isn’t enough, Silva’s new Jogger headlamp is your choice.

    Don’t let darkness stop you from going out jogging or walking in the evenings or early...

    29.95 €

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  • Silva Simi (White and red light)

    Silva Simi (White and red light)

    SKU: 37304

    On a bike you want to “see and be seen,” and that’s what Simi, part of Silva’s brand new Bike Series, is all about. This stylish high-output safety light is easy to mount and dismount on frame or...

    9.00 €

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  • Silva Tyto

    Silva Tyto

    SKU: 37301

    When a sport or activity calls for a safety light, the Tyto Red lamp is the perfect solution. Extremely compact and waterproof, this light can be attached to headbands, jackets, bikes, backpacks and...

    9.00 €

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    Color Tyto