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  • Silva 15TDCL Level

    Silva 15TDCL Level

    SKU: 36816-9511

    The classic mirror sighting compass from Silva that is used by demanding navigators/professional users world-wide is in this version equipped with a bubble level in order to ensure the compass is held...

    72.00 €

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  • Silva C58

    Silva C58

    SKU: 35730-0651

    Steering compass that can be mounted on almost any vehicle or boat. Built in declination compensation up to ± 40 degrees. Equipped with lighting.

    Old Price: 70.00 € Offer Price: 59.00 €

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  • Silva 58 Kayak

    Silva 58 Kayak

    SKU: 36528-0601

    A small, light compass with attachments suitable for a kayak. Rubber straps with clips that attach to the deck lines on the kayak, making it easy to read the compass without letting go of the paddle.

    Old Price: 70.00 € Offer Price: 59.00 €

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  • Silva 70 Un Universal

    Silva 70 Un Universal

    SKU: 35014-9011

    The design allows for many mounting alternatives. It can be installed in any inclination or position with a bracket that allows for fast and easy removals. It is also easy to remove for security...

    Old Price: 100.00 € Offer Price: 85.00 €

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