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  • Silva Race Plate Zoom

    Silva Race Plate Zoom

    SKU: 37487

    Compasses are our heritage and SILVA compasses have long been the first choice among elite orienteers around the world. The SILVA Race Plate series is a successor to our faithful Companion 1S-360 Jet...

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  • Silva 15TDCL Level

    Silva 15TDCL Level

    SKU: 36816-9511

    The classic mirror sighting compass from Silva that is used by demanding navigators/professional users world-wide is in this version equipped with a bubble level in order to ensure the compass is held...

    75.00 €

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  • Silva Eclipse GPS 96

    Silva Eclipse GPS 96

    SKU: 36502-0001

    The perfect choice for the GPS-owner. Never trust the GPS alone as your navigation aid - always remember to bring a compass. The ECLIPSE 96 GPS includes international romer scales (1:24k, 1:25k,...

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